9-13 July 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Slides and videos


Christopher Beem Vertex Algebras and Superconformal Field Theories in Four Dimensions PDF VIDEO
Liam McAllister de Sitter space in string theory PDF VIDEO
Mark Mezei The TTbar deformation PDF VIDEO
Matthew Reece The Swampland Program PDF VIDEO
Henning Samtleben Exceptional Field Theory and Applications PDF VIDEO
Brian Swingle Quantum Chaos and Scrambling: Recent Developments PDF VIDEO
Aron Wall Progress in Horizon Thermodynamics PDF VIDEO
Alberto Zaffaroni Progress on AdS Black Holes in String Theory PDF VIDEO


Ahmed Almheiri Unitary Semiclassical Black Hole Evaporation PDF VIDEO
Zvi Bern Orbital Dynamics for LIGO/Virgo from the Double Copy and EFT                        PDF VIDEO
Agnese Bissi Genus one string amplitudes from CFT PDF VIDEO
Simon Caron-Huot Unreasonable simplicity of AdS5xS5 correlators PDF VIDEO
Alejandra Castro Siegel paramodular forms PDF VIDEO
Jan de Boer Sewing entanglement wedges PDF VIDEO
Xenia de la Ossa Moduli spaces in heterotic string theory PDF VIDEO
Lorenz Eberhard An exact AdS3/CFT2 duality PDF VIDEO
Monica Guica Irrelevant current-current deformations and holography PDF VIDEO
Song He Generalized particles and strings from combinatorial geometry PDF VIDEO
Veronika Hubeny Holographic Entropy Relations PDF VIDEO
Seok Kim AdS black holes and Cardy limits PDF VIDEO
Zohar Komargodski   Extremal Correlators in Four Dimensions PDF VIDEO
Kantaro Ohmori ’t Hooft Anomaly, Symmetry breaking, Gaplessness PDF VIDEO
Hirosi Ooguri   Bounds on Mellin Amplitudes PDF VIDEO
Juan Maldacena Comments on the Hartle-Hawking wave function of the universe PDF VIDEO
Marcos Mariño   From resurgence to BPS states PDF VIDEO
Dalimil Mazac Sphere Packing and Quantum Gravity PDF VIDEO
Eran Palti   Light towers of states in String Theory PDF VIDEO
Onkar Parrikar Quantum Complexity of Time Evolution with Chaotic Hamiltonians PDF VIDEO
Elli Pomoni T_N, Toda and topological strings PDF VIDEO
Ashoke Sen Analyticity properties of superstring loop amplitudes PDF VIDEO
Stephen Shenker Black holes, random matrices, baby universes, and D-branes PDF VIDEO
Andrew Strominger Critical Theory and Interferometric Observation of the M87 Photo Ring PDF VIDEO
Alessandro Tomasiello String theory compactifications with sources PDF VIDEO
Sandip Trivedi Near-Extremal Black Holes and the Jackiw-Teitelboim Model PDF VIDEO
Pedro Vieira Octagon(s) PDF VIDEO
Timo Weigand   Quantum Gravity Constraints and their Stringy Realisation PDF VIDEO
Edward Witten JT Gravity and Random Matrix Ensembles PDF VIDEO
Alexander Zhiboedov Lightrays, shocks, strings, and conformal colliders PDF VIDEO


Nathan Seiberg Quantum Field Theory   PDF VIDEO
Luis Fernando Alday Bootstrap, present and future   PDF VIDEO
Nima Arkani-Hamed Prospects for contact of string theory with experiments PDF VIDEO
Daniel Harlow Holographic spacetime reconstruction and related topics PDF VIDEO
Douglas Stanford Quantum chaos and its relation to gravity PDF VIDEO
Discussion     VIDEO

GONG SHOW - Chair: Yaron Oz

Alex S. Arvanitakis  The L-infinity algebra of the S-matrix PDF
Chris Blair Orbifolds and Orientifolds as O-folds PDF
Nele Callebaut Jackiw-Teitelboim dynamics of entanglement in boundary CFT PDF
Federico Carta SUSY enhancement, T-branes and Hitchin systems PDF
Hongbin Chen Exact Bulk Reconstruction, bulk locality, and black hole horizons PDF
Andrea Dei  Integrability and stringy WZW models PDF
Adwait Gaikwad Gravitational collapse in SYK models and Choptuik-like phenomenon PDF
Yuta Hamada Weak Gravity Conjecture from Unitarity and Causality PDF
Matthew Heydeman Six-Dimensional (2,0) Scattering Amplitudes: The M5 Brane and IIB Supergravity on K3 PDF
Zhijin Li CFT genome project - bootstrapping QED_3 PDF
Matheus Loss Lize Field theory actions for ambitwistor string and superstring PDF
Jun Nian Microstate Counting of Near-Extremal Black Holes via AdS/CFT Correspondence PDF
Tokiro Numasawa Late Time Quantum Chaos of pure states in the SYK model PDF
Sarthak Parikh Simplicity of AdS Conformal Block Decomposition PDF
Leonel Queimada Holographic Complexity Equals Which Action?  PDF
Victor Rodriguez Long String Scattering in c = 1 String Theory PDF
Junggi Yoon Chaos in Chern-Simons higher spin gravity PDF
Wenli Zhao Conformal Window and Symmetry Breaking in Coupled SYK or Tensor Models PDF
Gong Show   VIDEO

With Robbert Dijkgraaf, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Thomas Hertog, Jean-Guihen Queyras and Noé Soulier


(Chair: Lars Brink) with Hirosi Ooguri, Pierre Ramond and Edward Witten











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